Yealm and Erme Mission Community
The Parish Churches of Holbeton, Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo
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Dear Friends

As I write this many of us are wondering whether or not England will beat Sweden in their next game? Christians across Devon are also wondering who will be the next Bishop of Crediton? Will it be a man or a woman? Will they be someone we know or someone from another part of the UK? Some people rely on the choices made by a tortoise to predict the outcome of the England games? I’m not sure that’s how they choose Bishops but I reckon it’s a much more strategic approach.

My wife Nikki, our son MacKenzie and I are moving to the area at the end of August as I will officially be the Curate. I’m really looking forward to working with Anne and Matt and the three churches. Of course any move to a new home comes with many questions. Will the move go well? Will we make friends with the villagers? There are many unknowns and it’s easy to see why some people prefer to stay put and cope with what they know.

Nikki, recently drew a picture of a landscape with a winding country road which then forks into two roads. The question this poses is: do we go left or right? Which is the best way? What will be the outcome of each? She quotes the words of a man called Isaiah who worked for an early monarchy and he said:

Whether you turn to the

Right or the left

Your ears will hear a voice

Behind you saying

This is the way; walk in it.

We can be driven or controlled by all sorts of motives and voices when it comes to making a choice concerning the direction of our lives.

Christians and Churches believe that we can be guided. Just as a Father helps his child ride a bicycle, guarding and supporting them. not as a crutch but to enable the child to be free to enjoy the thrill of the ride. Are you at a cross roads? Then maybe it’s time for you this summer to listen the ancient wisdom of Isaiah and go search until you hear that voice speaking to you.